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Edible Silk

Yes, this is a real thing.

This weekend one of our contributors went to a dinner party and at dessert the hostess brought out what can only be described as a new delicacy.

It is known as Persian Silk. Created by the brand; Pariya, it is available in Selfridges.


The food can only be described to being a tiny bit similar to Candy Floss but the product is enthused with a much greater variety of flavours than the traditional fair snack. The flavours in the picture show pistachio for the green, rose for the pink and chocolate for the brown. It also has a MUCH more smooth and less sickly texture than Candy Floss (not to discredit candy Floss because we do all LOVE IT!)



Ingredient of the Week

Ingredient of the Week


Beef is a great place to start because it is one of the meats which could be used in many ways. Here are some suggestions on ways in which it could be used. 


Taste of Italy

Beef is one of the main ingredients for classic dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognase and meat Lasagna. Usually mince meat will be used in these dishes to make a ragout type food. Naturally the meat goes well with the smooth like pasta and when it comes to pizza, it could also be an idea to grill some beef and put it on pizza as an extra meaty topping!

Top Tip: Add some Parsley and Oregano when cooking Italian Beef. The herbs will boost flavor.

The Burger

Nothing can beat a tender burger! In a hamburger, despite pork being in the title, the patty would usually be made of beef. What’s interesting about the american burger is that the patty could vary in thickness from being flat to being very thick and juicy. Whatever your the burger.

Top Tip: If you choose to make a patty from scratch, maybe as extra ingredients add a tablespoon of mustard and ketchup to give the beef an extra kick and then use bread crumbs to keep the meat together.

The English Roastie

Classic Roast Beef… Need we say more?

Top Tip: Although beef is the highlight a roast dinner is nothing without the sides. Red Cabbage and Broccoli go very well as vegetables. Make sure you get those roast potatoes ACAP (As Crispy As Possible), and Roast Beef is NOTHING without the Yorkshire pudding!